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European Environment Council discusses elimination of microplastics

Good news from European Union. Elimination of micro-plastics is considered an “urgent need”. Two quotes from the “information note from the Belgian, Dutch, Austrian and Swedish delegations”.


“Cosmetic products containing micro-plastic will no longer be able to comply with the new EUeco-label criteria for rinse-off cosmetics.”

“A ban on micro-plastics in cosmetics and detergents needs to be launched in order to strengthen the Union's role as a frontrunner for innovative products and Green Growth whilst providing a level playing field for industry.”

New Report: Microplastic Sources and Emissions

An inventory of land-borne sources of microplastics in Holland that may end up in sea is presented by the Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment. The report (commissioned by the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and the environment) is available in English.

5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean

"There are 20 x more Plastic Particles in the North Pacific than stars in the Milky Way Galaxy"