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Johnson & Johnson’s policy on phasing out microbeads

More and more US states are considering legislation to ban microbeads. Illinois was the first to pass a bill. Now Colorado also introduces a bill to prohibit plastic microbeads in personal care products. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Diane Primavera (D-Broomfield), was approached by Johnson & Johnson to bring this bill forward. Why would that be?

Johnson & Johnson has a written statement on its site telling us it is “phasing out and will eliminate the use of polyethylene microbeads in our personal care products by the end of 2017”.

The bill proposes for the ban to be phased in over two years beginning 1 Jan 2018 and completed by 2020. Legislation is needed according to Johnson & Johnson because it wants to make sure that smaller companies also phase them out. But the company is also consolidating its own slow phasing out schedule. The multinational supports legislation and in turn is allowed to continue to pollute our water with microbeads for the coming two years...

Bill against microbeads are under consideration in 24 States now.

Also in the State of Colorado a bill against microbeads is introduced.

Eco beauty salon in Deventer donates to the Beat the Microbead campaign.

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